Our vision

Our vision

  • All for one, one for all
  • Professional, yet friendly
  • Different, but better
  • Let the experts do their magic

“All for one, one for all”

It is impossible to deliver a quality service with only one unhappy party involved. Thus it is our goal to treat all parties involved as equals. We bear in mind that only through satisfaction of all can we achieve a successful and satisfying longterm cooperation. Our hauliers are to us as equally important as our clients throughout the transport process. We strive towards establishing an honest, professional and friendly relationship with everyone.

“Professional, yet friendly”

It seems that many people have forgotten this key characteristic. We put a lot on emphasis on open inter-human relationships. We are all aware that there are times when things do not go as we have planned and logistics branch is exposed to many obstacles which are out of human control (traffic jams, accidents, weather,…). We at RNS feel that all news, be it good or bad, must be forwarded to our customers. We are driven by motto: “If you trust us enough to do business together, then we have to justify your trust with quality service and honest relationship.”

“Different, but better”

At first glance our small size seems to be our weak point but we have managed to turn it into our advantage. Our small size enables us to focus more on each and every client and tailor our services to their specific needs. Our expert always has time and is ready to listen to your questions, needs, desires,… One person has all info on your transport from the beginning of talks until the delivery of goods and is always available to you making it really easy for you to find out everything about your cargo (where it is, ETA, road status,…).

“Let the experts do their magic”

You are successful at your business. You have proven that by succeeding on home market and confirmed it by expanding to foreign markets. Why would you now bother with things that are not in your field of expertise and thus lose valuable time which could be better spent? Leave your logistics issues to professionals with experience and know-how.