Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

  • I see you
  • No fear
  • I see green
  • Total control

“I see you”

All our hauliers have their trucks equipped with surveillance systems enabling us a quick look into your cargo’s whereabouts. All doubts about any mistakes or inconveniences can thus be forgotten immediately. Also, our partner’s drivers are equipped with mobile phones and can always be reached for updates on their status and the status of the road ahead.

“No fear”

Our partners employ only trained drivers and have CMR insurance, making your cargo in our hands as safe as it can be. In case of any misfortunate events all the damage you have suffered will be compensated to you from CMR insurance policy. To make business with us even safer for you, we have also taken ou a “freight forwarding” insurance policy. This way you are entitled to full compensation for costs caused by our malpractice.

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“I see Green”

We are very eco-oriented. Our hauliers operate with state-of-the-art trucks with eco-friendly engines, thus preserving the nature and also making transport costs for you more bearable by reducing toll costs. By reducing the number of “empty” kilometres and combining more loads on one truck we try to save as much fuel as possible.

“Total Control”

When doing business with us you will notice that one person is fully in charge of your transport and has all the info you need. In such organisational scheme no info is lost and all the necessary data is only one phone call away from you. This type of organisation has proven to be quick, straightforward nad efficient for everyone involved.