Full loads


Transport organization of full loads represents an important part of our business. We take care of all the necessary details as we perform the complete freight organisation, find the most reliable and cost-efficient haulier, pick up the cargo at the agreed location and deliver it according to your wishes. During the planning phase we take into consideration all options, try to predict all possible inconveniences that might occur and reduce the possibility of these as much as we can.

We specialise in freight deliveries between Scandinavia, Italy, former Yugoslav republics, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, and Iraq. We operate in both directions and all combinations. Our hauliers’ trucks are present in these countries at all times, making us extremely flexible to your needs and requirements. We have the possibility to load your goods and deliver it to a location inside these countries on a daily basis.

By carefully planning a route we make sure your cargo is delivered to a desired location within the agreed timeframe and in mint condition.